Guest Blog: CPCs and a pro-choice victory in Texas!

Big Fat Predatory Lies and the Lying CPCs That Tell Them

Hi there! I’m placenta sandwich, regular blogger at The Abortioneers, and I’m honored to be writing a guest post here while FairAndFeminist takes some well-deserved sick leave.

So I know you already know about “Crisis Pregnancy Centers,” or CPCs as we are so accustomed to saying for short, because this blog has mentioned them before. They’re pretty much the best blog topic of all time because they regularly do stuff that is so crazypants that you are all WTFUH and they are all JUST SAYIN and you shake your head and have to write a blog post about it.

But there is always a need to do it again because some people really think that CPCs are there to help women with crisis pregnancies and they ask “Well what’s wrong with that?” and they just don’t know, so you have to tell them.

Imagine you speak with someone who offers you “abortion counseling” and get told that if you don’t sign up with the adoption agency she’s pushing, she’ll call up your friends and tell them you’re pregnant, call your parents and tell them you’re about to “murder their grandbaby.”

Then imagine she actually does it!

Or imagine you’re sixteen and pregnant (hey, isn’t that a show?) and you go with your mom to a place that says they can help you out with a pregnancy test and some information. They don’t give you either of these things, but they do hand you a baby doll and a pair of scissors and say “Now chop that baby up! That’s what they do in an abortion!”


There are also less spectacular stories of deception and manipulation. It always upsets me when a woman calls my clinic and anxiously asks, “Am I gonna have to watch a video again?” She’s referring to the host of videos like “The Silent Scream” and “The Hard Truth” that purport to explain “what happens during an abortion” but are filled with medically inaccurate, emotionally manipulative and scare-mongering imagery and narration.

Sometimes a client, along with her sonographer, will be quite surprised to learn she’s four weeks earlier than she thought she was, or four weeks farther along. Did you know that under George W. Bush, CPCs received massive amounts of money to buy sonogram machines with giant screens that made giant-baby-looking images — machines which their staff do not have the training to use? Sonography is supposed to be used for monotoring and diagnostic procedures, but at CPCs they’re used for making women think they’re at a legit medical center and already carrying a giant baby.

So anyway, they tell women “Sorry, you’re 16 weeks pregnant and would have to travel out of state for an abortion” to discourage them when actually they are still within their state’s limits — or “Actually, you’re only 9 weeks pregnant and have got plenty of time before the price goes up,” persuading them not to panic about getting money by tomorrow, when actually by next week they’ll be 13 weeks and the price will be higher.

…All of which is why it’s really not so surprising that Baltimore CPCs would be trying to dodge a new law requiring them to post signs saying, “We do not provide referrals for birth control or abortion.” The Catholic Church, which runs or supports many of these centers, has filed a suit in federal court claiming that the law violates CPC staff’s right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion!

So…let me get this straight. The law that asks CPCs to clarify what services they offer…is violating your right to free speech?
Could that be…
your speech of choice consists of lies? Perhaps your model wouldn’t survive without obfuscation about what services you offer?

And it’s violating your right to religious freedom because your religion…tells you to lie! Oh! I get it.

The city of Austin, TX, has been considering its own signage ordinance, and it just passed into law yesterday morning! Go you, Austin! May every other county in the land also take a stand against lies, intimidation, and the impersonation of medical personnel.

Do check out CPC Watch and their blog for more information and testimony.

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