Newsweek and Young Feminists aftermath

Jezebel picked up my blog for this new cool syndication thing they’re doing. Tre cool!

Tons of other feminists responded to the Newsweek article:

Elise Higgins at RH Reality Check

Sarah M. at Safer Campus

Steph at The Abortion Gang

Tatiana Mckinney at RH Reality Check

Jen at Where the revolution’s gonna begin

Erin Matson at Say it, Sister

Rev.Debra Haffner at Sexuality and Religion

Jessica Wakeman at the Frisky

Rebecca Traister at Salon

Female Persuasion

Jessica Valenti at feministing


Nancy Keenan from NARAL responds to the response of pissed off Young Feminists.

Newsweek blogs a “follow up”

And finally, there’s some interesting convos going on in Jezebel comments on my blog and the original post there.

I’ll have a response to NARAL and the Newsweek follow up this evening. If I left you off the list of responders please give a shout in comments!


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