This is what a young feminist looks like blog carnival: participating blog list!

Wow, I’m so excited about the carnival today! Check back here for updates throughout the day as I make it through the various posts related to young feminists. As Shelby pointed out on twitter, you do not have to declare yourself a feminist to be a person who is making a difference in the lives of others through a gender lens–you might be a womanist, mujerista, anti-racist feminist, etc. We welcome all voices! Alright now here is the list, if I have missed you (or you’re joining late, which is totally allowed!) leave it in comments and I’ll update the list. Also, check back throughout the day as I read through blogs and respond. ENJOY!!!

No One Ever Said I had to Make Sense

Sistahs University

Reclaiming Roe

The Ms. Education of Shelby Knox

Pod Black Cat

Gender Across Borders

Boredom is Counterrevolutionary

Bashfully Designed

A Mad Girl’s Love Song

The Scribblings of Anne Greenwalt

Laugh. Rant. Snort.

Plenty of Otherwise

A Goose Drank Wine

Gender Focus


My Version of Happy

Feminism 2.0

Musings of an Inappropriate Woman

Choices Campus Blog

Write here, Write Now

What a Young Feminist Bride Looks Like

In Other Worlds

Say it Sister!

A Bookish Beemer

Feeling Stylish

Bourgie, Interrupted

Exploring Intimacy with Dr. Ruthie

Comrade Kevin’s Chrestomathy

Igniting Change

Foxy By Nature

Female Impersonator

The Halo Effect


Goddesses Rising

Penny Girl Pearl

The American Virgin

Life Forward

The Abortion Gang

Hardy Girls Healthy Women

Pretty Politico


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  2. Femmedia says:

    Femmedia is proud to participate!

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  5. […] may have missed it here, but please check out the blog carnival This Is What a Young Feminist Looks Like – some truly excellent pieces there.  And if you want to share a link to something […]

  6. scatx says:

    Speaker’s Corner is proud to participate, too! Thanks!

  7. Little Wing says:

    Wonderful! I will be uploading a feminist comic later, so if you could add my blog to the list, I would be so thankful!

  8. Greetings, young-all. At 22 I was one of four women who started Women Make Movies out of city-wide New York City meetings of the Women’s Liberation Movement–so see what your dreams can become! Now, 60s-young, I am back at it—trying to expand resources for feminist gender justice media and support great and creative initiatives like this! Shireen Mitchell and I are working to turn around the website to be more community b(v)log like, so we can share information about building a gender justice media movement, friendly and supportive of all our human rights.

  9. Becca says: is a blog/ online zine for young feminists. Hope you like it! :)

  10. Jazz says:

    I’m a book blogger primarily, but I’d like to join the carnival.

  11. Liz says:

    Hey! I’m a feminist blogger too!

    Last fall I took a women’s studies in which we had to make a magazine about a specific women’s issue, so I made a magazine aimed at teen girls promoting an increase in feminist consciousness, as the majority of mainstream magazines for teens are not inherently or even slightly feminist. I had so much fun making the magazine and interviewing girls I knew that I decided to put my work up on a blog, and then continued updating it because it was so much fun!

  12. I am a feminist budding blogger as well! Great lineup and more to add to my google reader. Thanks!!

  13. Hi my nym is Alice and I’m also a young feminist blogger. at burst market I examine cultural perceptions of women and how technology assists in the mediating of those ideas to the public, as well as possibilities for technological activism and art.

    Check it out and email or comment! Thanks :)

  14. stella-zine says:

    oooohhhh yessss i’m a feminist blogger too!
    an exploration of the intersections between various peace movements, and anarcha sex-positive feminist politics. lots punk rock, sex-positive feminism, riot grrrl, DIY, mad pride, disability, diversely thinking & look out for raw vegan food recipes!

  15. Bea Kay says:

    I am also a young feminist blogger. I started this blog as a place to rant and let my feelings out. Thanks to posting my blogs on Facebook, I have a few followers. Maybe some of your readers would enjoy it as well. Thanks!!

  16. FEMINISMMMMMMMMMMM… hi, I was part of the ’80’s music explosion and helped invent feminist punk/new wave… eguitar player and founding member of The Holy Sisters of the GAGADADA from Santa Cruz, CA

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