Blog Carnival Update 1

Blog carnivals are my favorite things ever for two reasons: one, I get to read a bunch of blogs all day and call it productive, and two, they start a conversation that the blog carnival planner (in this case, me!) really thinks needs to happen. I am excited to be reading why you all support Planned Parenthood! So, here we go…

The Feminist Texican draws me in immediately with a personal tale about Planned Parenthood helping her out when she was dealing with really bad UTIs. I love her honesty, and also the way that she represents millions of women who use Planned Parenthood because they don’t have the resources to go to a hospital or doctor. She writes: “Why does all of this matter to me? Because I know that, for thousands of women nationwide, Planned Parenthood is the only place they can go for affordable, necessary screening services.” She also points out that it’s not likely the Senate will pass this law–I hope that is true. After recent assaults on our rights at the state and national level in Texas, I’m not taking anything for granted.

Over at SheRights, we get an awesome list of  “I stand with Planned Parenthood Because…” Once again, we see where Planned Parenthood stepped in when the author did not have access to healthcare: “I stand with Planned Parenthood because Of that life-saving pap-smear they gave me when I had no insurance and no money.”  I have a feeling we’re going to see this theme a lot today–that Planned Parenthood is an awesome healthcare choice. SheRights also touches on something I find extremely important related to healthcare: “PP provides medically accurate information on all-things sexual and reproductive health — unlike bastard CPCs.” With all the misinformation out there- from friends, the internet, school, wiki-whatever, it can be difficult to discern accurate information from false information. Planned Parenthood is always there with accurate, unbiased info.

At See Jane Run…The Show we get another testimonial of someone who was helped by Planned Parenthood: “I stand with Planned Parenthood because they were one of the first organizations that had absolutely zero judgment about a poor female student in her early 20s who wanted birth control, who didn’t have a steady boyfriend but wanted to be cautious, who wanted to explore her sexuality without worrying about pregnancy issues.” This is it, right there– Planned Parenthood provides a non-judgmental space where women can find out about their bodies. This space *should* exist in other places–homes and schools, for example. But as many of us know, it doesn’t. Planned Parenthood is there, all across the nation, with a safe space for women to explore what their bodies, their health, and their sexuality means to them.


Alright, I’m off to read some more blogs, keep em coming!


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