Blog Carnival Update 2

Blog Carnival is off and running! Here’s the second update :)

Plenty of Otherwise cuts through the BS and points out the GOP’s real goal in defunding Planned Parenthood: “Because what gets me about this bill is that it works against what the GOP says it wants: no abortion. If you really want to eliminate abortion, you shouldn’t cut funding to the very thing that prevents women from having to seek one.” WELL SAID. She also provides us with some hope: “The term “forcible rape” was removed from the HR3 bill because we spoke the fuck up and demanded that it be removed. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t the biggest victory in the world. But it’s something–proof that if we fight, we can win.” Here, here. We have to fight, we have to make our voices heard, we have to take action to Stand With Planned Parenthood. I hope in some way this blog carnival is contributing to the chorus of outrage about the Pence Amendment. She sums it up with this thought: “Hopeful and angry is a good mix for me, though. It makes me do things, makes me act.” Me too, me too.


Over at Femocracy, we get to hear about the author’s trip to a Planned Parenthood in New York. She highlights the extra security in place because of anti-abortion activists penchant for violence: “do you want to know something that’s really off-putting? Having to be scanned for explosives before seeing a doctor.” She continues: “As I’m fairly certain seeing a doctor is a basic right in this country, I’m pretty sure it infringes on my freedom that a vaginal exam becomes a war zone activity.”

I couldn’t agree more. I think there should be protest free zones around all the Planned Parenthood clinics, but that of course is passed on a city or state basis. Here in Bryan, TX, we have a pretty consistent presence of protesters outside the clinic, shouting the most bizarre things. We’re gearing up for 40 days of harassment, which is when protesters stand outside the clinic every day for 40 days. Its exhausting, frustrating, and in my opinion, a violation of the patient’s privacy.

Memoirs of a Gangsta Feminist highlights the idiocy and hypocrisy of the GOP claiming to be working to help Americans get jobs, when all they’re doing is trying to legislate morality. The author writes: “In actuality, the preventive care provided at Planned Parenthood saves the federal budget from spending money on sick citizens later on. Not to mention the thousands of people employed by Planned Parenthood (if you wanna talk about job creation).” Well said.

Alright, I have to go do my actual job for a couple hours, and I will be back this afternoon with more updates!

Keep blogging and tweeting!


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