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Today is the NWLC‘s and MomsRising Blog for Fair Pay day! Huzzah. I love opportunities to remind everyone that the pay gap exists. It seems to me, there can be exactly two positions on this issue: either you don’t believe the pay gap exists, or you are outraged by it. This is an issue that has no middle ground–and one that you should remember every trip to the ballot box. More on that in a second. But seriously, if you deny the pay gap, you are just like a climate change denier (science is dumb!) only you’re a math denier (math is made up!). Analysis after analysis has proven that women make less than men in the U.S. across the board. And that doesn’t make any sense. So why is this STILL an issue?

I believe that we need an aggressive campaign to remind people that the ballot box has a direct tie to women’s pay checks. How, you ask? Well let me ‘splain.

You vote for a politician–>he (so far) gets elected president–>he chooses Supreme Court judges–>they rule on pay gap issues

You vote for a politician–>she serves in the house–>she decides whether to approve the nominations for the Supreme Court–>they rule on pay gap issues

You vote for a politician–>he serves in congress–>he decides to vote for or against the Paycheck Fairness Act

Let’s start a battle between pay gap deniers and pay gap activists–you should easily fit into one camp or the other. This applies whether you are female/male/cis/trans– because the gap in pay affects every family in America. There is a problem with every family in America’s income–somewhere a woman is contributing, and she’s getting stiffed. Worse in a bad economy, and worse if she’s not white.

A colleague recently bemoaned the fair pay fight with a comment about “middle class white women complaining again.” You’re damn right I’m complaining–because I have the privilege to complain, to raise my voice, to cause a fuss about this issue. The same gendered pay gap exists in board rooms and at WalMart. And those of us who can take time off work to write a blog, letter, or opinion piece about the pay gap must do so. We owe it to our sisters, as well as our daughters. So which are you–a pay gap denier or an outraged pay gap activist?

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